Novotex Italiana S.p.A. has been operating in the global market coated fabrics since 1970. Today, it is ranked amongst the leaders in the industry and a reference point for those who want to position themselves at a highly competitive level, thanks to specialized know-how, experience, ongoing research, and the development of cutting-edge technologies.
Novotex around the world is:

  • Coim, through the production of polyurethane resins in various forms and systems: granules, solvents, high solids, water and eco-compatible systems without the presence of solvents;
  • Noreco Chimica, through the production of pigment dispersions, compounds, water and solvent-based lacquers and additives;
  • Novotex Sul Americana, through the production of compounds, lacquers, pigment dispersions and technical and commercial assistance for South America.
  • Novotex Italiana S.p.A., through R&D laboratories and technical and commercial assistance worldwide.

By offering a full range of products as well as consistent and comprehensive service and technical support, Novotex Italiana S.p.A. holds a unique position in the market. It is an ideal partner for your business, a guarantee for all customers who want to be at the forefront technically and technologically.


Group’s companies:

coim.fwCOIM – EPS Division: site of polyurethane polymers production in various forms and systems: granules, solvent, high solid, water based and Eco solvent-free systems.
noreco.fwNoreco Chimica: production site of pigment dispersions, compounds, lacquers and additives.
sulamericanaNovotex Sul Americana: Compounds/Laquers production and technical assistance center for South and North America.