Novotex Italiana S.p.A. is a global leader in the marketing of chemicals for the finishing and enhancement of fabrics and technical substrates, since 1970.

Today, it has become the reference point for those who want to position themselves in the market at a very high competitive level, thanks to highly specialized know-how, experience, advanced research, and the development of cutting-edge technologies.

Novotex worldwide consists of:

  • Novotex Italiana, a Research & Development and Technical/Commercial Assistance center for the global market.
  • Noreco Chimica, a production site for pigment pastes, polyurethane compounds, solvent-based and water-based lacquers, and additives.
  • Novotex Sul Americana, a production site for polyurethane compounds, lacquers, and pigment pastes, and a technical assistance center for South America.
  • Coim, a production site for polyurethane resins in various forms and systems: in granules, in solvent, in high solids, water-based, and eco-compatible systems without the presence of solvents.

Offering a complete range of products and constant and widespread technical service and support give Novotex Italiana S.p.A. a unique status in the market: an ideal partner for your business, a guarantee for all customers who want to always be technically and technologically ahead.

Group’s companies:

coim.fwCOIM – EPS Division: site of polyurethane polymers production in various forms and systems: granules, solvent, high solid, water based and Eco solvent-free systems.
noreco.fwNoreco Chimica: production site of pigment dispersions, compounds, lacquers and additives.
sulamericanaNovotex Sul Americana: Compounds/Laquers production and technical assistance center for South and North America.